Carlsberg : Documentary Series

The Danish Experiment

Create a documentary series to emphasise Carlsberg as a quality product with its finger on the creative pulse in Ireland, whilst showcasing the Danish Way.

We were initially briefed to pair like-minded types from the fields of food, art and music. We felt it would be more interesting and fitting with the experimental approach to remix this idea and connect people from different backgrounds. We were initially briefed to show the what the four Irish participants could learn from the Danes, as they are ranked as the happiest people in the world, but as the series evolved we showed that both could learn from one and other. 

A five part mini doc series featuring street artist Maser, musician Jay Boland, chef Kevin Powell & interior designer Jo Linehan who are surprised when paired in Copenhagen with the founder of The Happiness Institute, an Organic Farmer & Restaurateur, a Videographer and a Fashion Photographer. 

The series garnered over a million views. 


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