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A Night at Montrose, Dublin:
Fontaines D.C.

We created this film as a visual response to Fontaines D.C.'s second album 'A Hero's Death'.
Having developed a relationship with the band over the filming of the 'Sold For Parts' documentary, it was an honour to be trusted to create this visual world for the new album.
We developed the full set, stage design and visual language for each song, so that each moment of the album could live and breathe on its own, while still remaining very much a part of a whole concept.
We designed the set around the idea of placelessness, combining very real elements with more abstract ones; recognisable parts of the Irish home, and elements that related to the distance travelled by the new record.
This production was a full family effort, and we looked outside our immediate circle to bring it to life in the RTE studios.


Stage Design
Visual Design
Lighting Design
Colour Grading