Diarmuid Lyng

Short Film

A short film set to the words of Diarmuid Lyng’s poem ‘Ériú’ that explores the primal influences that are native to us and how those influences might serve us in modern Ireland.

Themes - masculinity, the wild feminine, union of the sexes as well as corporate greed, ritual, language, wildness, indigenosity and grace.

“A short experimental film I directed about connection to source will be released on the next full moon. The film was made in response to a phenomenal poem penned by mo anam chara Diarmuid Lyng.“ Mark Logan, CLTV Director

The masculine awakens naked as born before gathering, fighting and screaming. Meanwhile the feminine keen and grieve on the land before entering into a medicinal body of water. As industry destroys the mother they unite to face an uncertain future.

Writer Diarmuid Lyng said of this piece;

“I sat at a gathering a couple of years ago and I knew the call would come for a song. I’d a poem I’d written in my back pocket and I thought it might finally be time to let it fly. So I did. And I could see the response afterwards, particularly in the men that were there, something primal that had awoken in them, they were charged, on the edge of their seats.
I’m no poet, but I knew enough to know that reactions like that are seldom.

Fast forward two years and Mark Logan of Collective walked in to my life and the opportunity to take it a step further. Displaying trust and enthusiasm like I’d never seen before, 12 men, from all over Ireland, gathered on the Hill of Allen for a midweek, overnight camp.

We ate wild deer, we sprinted naked through the forest, we sang and shared stories, because we could, because we wanted to. As was the aim, the recording was incidental. We gathered again at Killarney National Park with a group of powerful women with the same intention, that they would do as they wanted to do, in their own time, with the camera capturing the real life nature of women in ritual.”

American singer songwriter Peia added the vocals with her song ‘Amergin’, which is due for release later this year and Rónán Ó Snodaigh, fresh from the launch of his second album with Myles O Reilly, brought the beat of the bódhran.

What is primal in us is not to be feared, rather it is of great value to us. There is physical energy waiting to be tapped into so we can show up more fully for the real challenges of our lives, our traumas, our disconnection, our lack of intimacy as well as our collective anxieties. The presentation of the marriage of the sexes through playing our innate roles is an invite to move past the separation common to debate in the social sphere in the hope that we remember what we have in common, what we offer each other and how important that is in reintegrating ourselves with the nature around us.

Director – Mark Logan
Writer/Co Director – Diarmuid Lyng
Edited and graded by Agata Przygodzka
Co produced by Diarmuid Lyng and Bettine McMahon

Kenneth Adams
Céin O’Brien
Lisa Galligan
Agata Przygodzka
Greg Purcell
Mark Logan

Music – Peia (peiasong.com) and Rónán Ó Snodaigh (ronanosnodaigh.bandcamp.com)